vom 31. OKTOBER – 1. NOVEMBER 2020 in Zürich


Hypnosis Covention 2020

Where the world of hypnosis meets!

Important news

about the 8th International Hypnosis Convention from 31 October to 1 November 2020 in Zurich!

The Covid-19 pandemic situation has resulted in us taking the safe road – for the speakers, for our attendees, and ourselves. We have therefore decided to hold the 8th International HypnosisConvention 2020 online! With this we would like to contribute to the positive support of continuous learning and to use the time sensibly.

Already now you can have a look at some information about the HypnosisConvention at: and already register. All previous speakers who have already applied as well as the participants who have already purchased a ticket for the live 2020 event, will be contacted proactively over the next few days.

We are looking forward to the online premiere and your presence!

Will you be there?

PS: join us in the Facebook group dedicated to this year’s 2020 online convention:


Review 2019

Many interesting, impressive lectures, topics and people. A lot of important tips and knowledge was passed on by the speakers. Many thanks to all who were present!

HypnosisConvention.NET 2020 goes ONLINE!

We started the adventure Hypnosekongress.NET in 2013 with great enthusiasm and had the vision of how it should look, run, and feel. We were able to realize this vision successfully, and to our joy, the echo was so huge, and afterward, the feedback so positive and motivating that we decided to turn it into an annual event. Every year since, we kept improving and fine-tuning, adding every year at least 30% new and fresh speakers. In 2019 we managed to have a 50/50 split between female and male speakers!

We always made a point of making the HypnosisConvention open to all, independent of the training, the school, or the association a speaker or a participant comes from or subscribes to – we wanted to create an environment where everybody felt welcome.
The valuable feedback from our speakers and the attendees also helped us grow the quality of presentations continuously. That is how the HypnosisConvention grew into the foremost convention in the German-speaking countries. Due to the new format, we are opening up for more English presenters than was possible in the past.

The international HypnosisConvention.NET in Zurich has become for many a fixed date on their “hypnosis” agenda.

Everyone is welcome, and an active contribution is always welcome and encouraged. We are a relaxed, informal event where people respect each other and meet at eye level to promote hypnosis worldwide and share and exchange knowledge. As live networking and the always awesome party with live bands are not going to happen this year, we are also moving online. Visit us here for a free exchange, meet the speakers and other participants:

We from the HypnoseKongress, and all the speakers are looking forward to meeting you!

Hansruedi Wipf


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