Amye Scharlau

Amye Scharlau

Amye Scharlau

MNOMNI, Saint Paul, USA

Country: USA
Certification: NGH, OMNI

Amye Scharlau is from Minnesota, USA and is a certified OMNI and NGH instructor. She is currently in graduate school to earn her advanced degrees in Mental Health Counseling.


HOT FLASH! Hypnosis and the myths of menopause

Saturday, November 2nd, 3 pm – 5 pm, room Basel

Are myths surrounding menopause even true? What does the most current international research conclude? Learn to tell fact from fiction in order to provide the absolute best care and support for your clients going through “the change.”

This course expands the the scope of the popular one hour presentation exploring the common cultural beliefs promoted about menopause. Weight gain, lack of concentration, mood swings, diminished sexual desire, and the whole list of negative beliefs surrounding menopause are explored through popular culture with many visual examples of current articles and products. This is compared to the latest research on these subjects in order to have an objective view on how menopause affects your clients.

The objective of this presentation is for participants to be able to effectively use the most current research to help women through the many aspects of menopause. They will learn to tell fact from fiction to calm the fears of their clients and create helpful, empowered change. Participants will learn the specific language and techniques that have been successful in studies to address hot flashes, weight gain, sexual issues and the other potential influences of menopause.

What is special? What makes this lecture worth listening to?
I am a dynamic, high energy speaker who is passionate about this topic. All of our clients will experience the effects of menopause in their lives either directly, or through the life of a loved one. This lecture was carefully designed to add to hypnotists current skills and be put to immediate use. Having a greater perspective on how menopause affects so many facets of life will create more effective and thoughtful ways to help our clients reach their goals.


Motivational Interviewing

Saturday, November 2nd, 12 pm – 13 pm, room Basel

Imagine creating helpful change for your client from your very first moments of interaction! Motivational Interviewing is a powerful technique to help clients create positive emotional shifts for themselves.

Through a fun and informative powerpoint presentation I will describe and demonstrate the principles of pacing and leading clients to a positive shift in emotional meaning. There will be many examples to clarify this process and build confidence in their application. A handout of strategies hypnotists can put to immediate use to raise the success levels of their clients will be provided.

1. Describe the Motivational Interviewing Process and how it relates to waking state hypnosis
2. Understand MI and practical applications to help your clients succeed in their goals

Through pacing and leading, every moment with your client becomes a productive and healing process that, added to your hypnosis skills, increases your clients success in their goals. This method is especially effective for those clients who are „on the fence“ about the changes they may need to make.

What is special? What makes this lecture worth listening to?
Motivational interviewing is an extremely valuable tool that will increase the effectiveness of all hypnotists. I am a high energy and well researched speaker, so attendees will be pumped up and ready to motivate their clients.


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