Bradley Bartholomew

Bradley Bartholomew

Bradley Bartholomew

The Spiritual Genome

Land: Frankreich

I am an independent researcher who resides in Paris. This theory was presented as a poster presentation at the 62nd Convention of the Parapsychological Association in Paris from 4-6th July, 2019.


An explanation of the powers of Franz Mesmer

Saturday, November 2nd, 2 pm – 3 pm, room Basel

Covers the methods of Franz Mesmer including his use of magnets and his theory about animal magnetism, as well as his contribution to hypnosis and ‚mind-body‘ therapies in general thru ‚power of suggestion‘ as well as recent research in radiogenetics

Mesmer’s original claim to possess the power of being able to manipulate the “magnetic fluid” in the living organism. In a research article in Nature Genetics entitled Remote Regulation of Glucose Homeostasis Using Genetically Encoded Nanoparticles (2014) it has been found using techniques in radiogenetics that the ferritin in our bodies (a paramagnetic material) can be manipulated not only by low-frequency electromagnetic waves (radio waves) but also by magnetic fields.

Brain waves are also low-frequency electromagnetic waves, and as it is well known that the brain waves of a healer/hypnotist become synchronized with that of the patient, it is proposed that brain waves play a part in what Mesmer originally called animal magnetism. This applies not only to hypnotism, but explains the powers of healers, charlatans, spiritual leaders and cult leaders that have demonstrated a ‚hypnotic power‘ over their followers. People literally fall under their spell.

What is special? What makes this lecture worth listening to?
Two trials coming up this year in the United States are contemporary examples of animal magnetism at work in modern society. One is the trial of Elizabeth Holmes for the Theranos scam and the other is the trial of Keith Raniere who was the leader of a cult NXVIM that included many female actresses and socialites whom he had allegedly ‘brainwashed’ into becoming his sex-slaves. It is proposed that only ‚animal magnetism‘ as originally proposed by Mesmer can explain such powers of persuasion.


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