Dr. Fredric Mau

Dr. Fredric Mau

Dr. Fredric Mau

Watermark Counseling LLC

Country: USA
Website: www.watermarkcolumbia.com
Email: fmau@watermarkcolumbia.com
Certification: NGH

An international keynote speaker, author, and award winning therapist, Dr. Mau is known for his careful research and practical and entertaining presentations. He has spoken at every Hypnosekongress. .


We Do Not Say it That Way: Misusing Language to Create Change

Stories give our lives meaning. More than simple information, stories frame our emotions and our lives, and effect the unconscious ways our bodies respond. Come explore the neurology of belief, and the clever language to change stories and lives.

Dr. Mau is a master of the misuse of English, and an expert in the neurology of hypnosis and belief. Native speakers can use language in surprising and fun ways to create powerful life changes, and even effect body responses. In this interactive experience we will look at the misuse of language for native English speakers, and explore practical ways to take this from English to German. This is a hands on session designed to give you new ways to help clients and see your own reality.

The purpose of the workshop is to look at ways English is intentionally misused in order to create therapeutic change, and to explore practical ways to create these effects in German. Even German speakers who may not have a mastery of English are likely to enjoy this session, as participants will spend significant time working with the material in German. Dr. Mau taught this last year to physical therapists in Zurich, with excellent and surprising results.

What is special? What makes this lecture worth listening to?:
Confusion is important for therapeutic change. Ambiguous language creates the possiblity of genuinely seeing things differently – in ways that can be understood neurologically. While English offers many opportunities for multiple meanings and word play, the precision of German apparently makes this challenging to translate conceptually. This is a special opportunity to explore how our languages work to create meaning, and to hinder and facilitate deep emotional change.

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