Dr. Fredric Mau

Dr. Fredric Mau

Dr. Fredric Mau

Watermark Counseling LLC

Country: USA
Website: www.watermarkcolumbia.com
Email: fmau@watermarkcolumbia.com
Certification: NGH

Award-winning hypnotist, keynote speaker, and author, Dr. Fredric a licensed therapist in the US where he primarily treats issues of meaning like trauma, anxiety, conversion, and obsessive disorders.


Meaning and the Brain: The Neuropsychology of Story and Change

Exact time of the presentation will be announced soon

Dissociative phenomena like trauma and hypnosis override cognition to make us who we are. Beyond neurology, these are core shifts in meaning and who you are as a person. We explore the nature of change in your brain, your life, and your self.

What is real, deep, lasting change, and how does it happen? We understand the neurology of emotional change. But there is more – the creation of meaning. This is beyond cognition, and dissociation is a critical component. Hypnosis gives us insight into how dissociation and the stories we tell ourselves frame emotion and create meaning – for our clients and personally.

Participants will be able to describe the neurological basis of stress or trauma induced change.
Participants will be able to identify uses of hypnosis and dissociation to create change.
Participants will be able to describe how stories frame emotion and create meaning.
Participants will be able to use this understanding to help clients.
Participants may find insight for personal growth.

What is special? What makes this lecture worth listening to?:
Deep inside we each desire meaning. Like mechanics who understand a motor, we know so much about the neurology of change – but we yearn for the open road and the journey. Like storms, ISEs can throw us off our paths, but how do the stories we tell ourselves not only change our brains, but change our psyches to create who we are? And how can we use what we know neurologically to find something more – joy, meaning, purpose – for our clients and ourselves?


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