Dr. Giancarlo Russo

Dr. Giancarlo Russo

Dr. Giancarlo Russo

Country: Italy
Email: loongmei2000@yahoo.it

I am a Physiotherapist specialized in neurological rehabilitation of the newborn and the adult.
Since 30 years I study, practice and teach hypnosis in the clinical and medical field.


The use of NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION in the hypnotic induction

My lecture is about the non verbal communication, this very powerful tool, and its use during the hypnotic induction to reinforce the procedure and make it more powerful

The using of communicative distances, the power of the touch and the amazing power of the sounds

Make the partecipants aware of the amazing power of this ancient kind of human communication and the use of it in the human relations, especially in building the hypnotic rapport

What is special? What makes this lecture worth listening to?
My experience in teaching it and the chance to experience the non verbal signs during a practical session

Information about the congress and tickets here:www.hypnosekongress.net