Dr. med. dent. Brice Lemaire

Dr. med. dent. Brice Lemaire

Dr. med. dent. Brice Lemaire

Surgeon-Dentist, Saint Martin du Var

Land: France
Homepage: https://dr-lemaire-brice.chirurgiens-dentistes.fr/Cabinet.aspx
Email: brice.lemaire@wanadoo.fr
Zertifizierung: NGH,OMNI

Since 1996 : Phd in Dental Surgery, liberal practice
Since 2000 : Hypnosis training (O.McGill, J.Kein, J.Butler, etc…)
Licensed Master Practicionner in NLP (R.Bandler)
Omni hypnosis (M.Python)


Operative & Therapeutic Hypnosis in Dentistry

This lecture will cover the entire field of Hypnosis applied to the Dentistry : stress management (anxiety, phobia, self hypnosis), surgery ( pre-post op, analgesia, anesthesia, pain management), behaviour (bruxism, smoking, nutrition), kids…

  • What is dental hypnosis, definition and history ?
  • What are the applications of operative and therapeutic hypnosis in dentistry ?
  • Why and how using hypnosis in a dental office ?
  • What kind of trance level do we need and how to get it ?
  • How does work operative dental hypnosis ?
  • How does work therapeutic dental hypnosis ?
  • Further experimental and advanced hypnosis about anesthesia, phobia treatment, healing, etc…
  • Epidemiology and prospective

This lecture is dedicated to hypnosis dentistry but we’ll cover a wild range of the application of hypnosis. The objective is to show how the Elmanian hypnosis is the best choice hypnosis for medical and paramedical profession (doctors, anesthetist, nurses, physiotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc…) and to show in a practice how we can integrate the both side of hypnosis : operative and therapeutic.

What is special? What makes this lecture worth listening to?
Dental hypnosis is growing across our profession with lectures, congress, and trainings. Since 2000, we experiment hypnosis in our daily practice and we have made more than 8500 videos of dental hypnosis session. We have cover all the fields of hypnosis applied to dentistry and this lecture will be a synthesis of all the experimentations that we have maid. We will show many videos and make live demonstrations in order to get the idea of the subject.


Information about the congress and tickets here: www.hypnosekongress.net