Rydiger Nielsen

Rydiger Nielsen

Rydiger Nielsen

Country: Denmark
Website: www.rydigernielsen.dk
Email: rydigernielsen@rydigernielsen.dk
Certification: NGH



I Walked The Walk

One way to deal with alcohol and drug abuse with hypnotherapy

To show how hypnosis can help a client out of an alcohol and drug abuse and mental health problems caused by this particular abuse.
I want to show my model to solve the problem of craving and abuse.
The model is based on a combination of hypnotherapy, vipassana meditation and speech therapy

What is special? What makes this lecture worth listening to?:
Therapists often have a very theoretical approach to how they help their clients.
Here, in a therapist who found his way out of 30 years of alcohol abuse, 27 years of cannabis, in 1 1/2 hours through self-hypnosis.
Former medical students

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