Stephen Travers

Stephen Travers

Stephen Travers

Country: Ireland
Certification: ICHP

Stephen Travers is the Director of U.K. and International Havening and is a Certified Hypnotherapist. He has over 15 years experience in helping people overcome anxiety based orders & trauma.


An Introduction to Havening as a Psycho-sensory Approach to Treat Disorders Arising from Traumatic Stress

The presentation content will cover:
• Requirements of Traumatization
• The encoding of a traumatic memory in the amygdala
• The neurobiology of Havening Touch
• The neurobiology of traumatic memory depotentiation
• Post-Havening outcomes
• And will include a live Havening Demo with someone on a traumatic memory and a group Havening session for developing emotional resiliency.

To introduce the audience about the benefits and effectiveness of using Havening for anxiety based disorders, trauma and developing emotional resiliency in clinical practice .

What is special? What makes this lecture worth listening to?:
Havening is a groundbreaking psycho-sensory therapy with new information on how trauma becomes encoded in the brain and body based in neuroscience. I will teach the audience on how to use some Self Havening Techniques and they will get to see a live Havening demo.

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